Agritourism is an activity which takes place on a farm and is considered complementary to agriculture.

Gourmet tourism includes all culinary and agri-food activities that are specially designed for travellers. These activities are an opportunity to discover a region’s local food and beverages.

The term local product is generally used for a product that is typical of a particular region, be it crafted, grown, or naturally available in the area.

The northern location of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean bestows a variety of distinctive features on its agriculture. Indeed, the region possesses geographic and climatic characteristics that allow the development and farming of particular crops. With almost 1000 farms, agriculture is a key feature of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region.

To learn more about the particulars of agriculture in the region, visitors are encouraged to stop by the Centre d'interprétation de l'agriculture et de la ruralité (agriculture and rural development interpretation center) in Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix.

This thematic map is available at the tourist information centers located in Alma and Hébertville. To receive this map by mail, call 1 877 668-3611 or send an email to

The blueberry harvest can vary according to weather conditions. Generally, the harvest period takes place from mid-July to the end of August.

In the province of Quebec, blueberries have been eaten since the arrival of the First Nations in the region. Blueberries grow on bushes that are approximately 30 centimetres in height and in peat bogs. Once picked, they can be kept refrigerated for a couple of days or they can be frozen.

BLEUET (BLUEBERRY) is the nickname that was given to the inhabitants of the Lac-Saint-Jean region, where the fruit is grown in large quantities.

To pick your own blueberries or to learn more about this fruit, visit the Complexe touristique du bleuet (blueberry tourist information center) in Labrecque.

Gros Mollet beer - Microbrasserie du Lac-Saint-Jean: This beer won the gold medal in the category speciality strong Ale - Belgian style at the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2014. With its brown head of foam, its caramel malt flavour and its strong cereal backbone, this beer is both powerful and delicate.

Rêve Bleu mead - Miel des Ruisseaux: This blueberry mead can be compared to a rosé wine. It is best served neat or in a cocktail. This beverage won a silver medal in 2011 at the Coupe des nations national wine and liqueur competition.

La Vallée de Qu'Appelle alcoholic beverage - Vergers de velours: Apple flavoured edible honeysuckle alcoholic beverage. This unique fruity floral cocktail is made from a sophisticated regional product.

Le rang des îles cheese - Fromagerie Médard: Brown Swiss cows produce the whole milk needed to make this farmstead cheese. While this soft cheese stands out because of the brightness of its mixed rind, it is its creaminess that is its most appealing aspect. Light to the taste, hints of sugar linger on the finish. This cheese won the first prize in the mixed rind cheese category at the Canadian Cheese Awards.

Port wine sharp cheddar - Fromagerie St-Laurent: This firm cheddar cheese is matured for 2 to 3 years and flavoured with port wine.  The most refined palates are encouraged to experience this new taste.

Curé Hébert cheese - Fromagerie L'Autre-Versant: This cheese beautifully blends flavours of cream, butter, and mushroom, as well as sweet notes of honey and caramel. This semi-soft, washed rind, farmstead cheese is made from raw milk provided by the cheese dairy’s own cow herd. It won 3 prizes at the Selection Caseus competition in 2007. It received the silver Caseus (all categories), the 1st prize in the semi-soft cheese category, and the 1st prize in the washed rind cheese category.

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23 km d'Alma

Camerises Mistouk

715, 1ère Rue
L'Ascension-de-Notre-Seigneur (Québec) G0W 1Y0
Téléphone: 418-944-4398
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1 km d'Alma

Microbrasserie Riverbend

945, avenue Sicard
Alma (Québec) G8B 7R5
Phone: 418 758-1519
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1 km d'Alma

Coffrets du royaume

711, avenue Fortin
Alma (Québec) G8B 2S8
Phone: 418 668-4596
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1 km d'Alma

Microbrasserie Lion bleu

45, rue Saint-Joseph
Alma (Québec) G8B 1L9
Téléphone: 418 769-0795
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29 km d'Alma

Chocolaterie Rose-Élisabeth

22, rue Saint-André
Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix (Québec) G8G 1T9
Phone : 418 719-4664

+ Détails
32 km d'Alma

Vignoble Couchepagane

1328, rang Sainte-Anne
Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix (Québec) G8G 1A3
Phone : 418 487-0178

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29 km d'Alma

Complexe touristique du bleuet

4005, rue Ambroise
Labrecque (Québec) G0W 2S0
Phone: 418 481-1777

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14 km d'Alma

Boulangerie Médard

10, chemin de Quen 
Saint-Gédéon (Québec) G0W 2P0
Phone: 418 345-8131/418 345-2407
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20 km d'Alma

Microbrasserie du Lac Saint-Jean

120, rue de la Plage 
Saint-Gédéon (Québec) G0W 2P0 
Phone : 418 345-8758
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45 km d'Alma

Cabane à Lulu

1832, route 169 
Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix (Québec) 
Phone: 418 720-5364
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25 km d'Alma

Ferme Benoît et Diane Gilbert

587, rue Principale 
Saint-Henri-de-Taillon (Québec) G0W 2X0 
Phone : 418 347-3697 
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40 km d'Alma

Vergers de velours

324, route 169 
Saint-Henri-de-Taillon (Québec) G0W 2X0 
Phone : 418 347-4639 
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14 km d'Alma

Fromagerie Médard

10, rue de Quen 
Saint-Gédéon (Québec) G0W 2P0 
Phone : 418 345-8131/418 345-2407
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15 km d'Alma

Fromagerie Saint-Laurent

735, rang 6 Nord 
Saint-Bruno (Québec) G0W 2L0 
Phone : 418 343-3655 
Toll-free : 1 800 463-9141 
+ Détails
26 km d'Alma

La Tablée du Lac

1716, route 169 
Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix (Québec) G8G 1B1 
Phone: 418 349-2999
+ Détails
26 km d'Alma

Fromagerie L’Autre-Versant

901, rang 3 
Hébertville (Québec) G8N 1M6 
Phone : 418 344-1975
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1 km d'Alma

La Maison Gourmande

240, rue Collard Ouest 
Alma (Québec) G8B 1M6 
Phone: 418 662-3279
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1 km d'Alma

Chocolaterie au Coeur Fondant

209, avenue du Pont Sud
Alma (Québec) G8B 2T7
Phone: 418 480-1919
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8 km d'Alma

Miel des Ruisseaux

2924, route du Lac Ouest 
Alma (Québec) G8B 5V2 
Phone: 418 668-7734
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