• Agricultural tourism

    Alma and its islands is a destination that wants to share with you the best of local products. Farm tours and local fare tasting make a pleasurable combination for everyone, especially if you are fond of good food. Here are some great activities.

  • Cruises and nautical activities

    Cruises and kayak excursions on Lac Saint-Jean Lake offer relaxing, peaceful, and truly memorable moments.

  • Culture, industry and heritage

    Visitors can learn more about the region by taking part in a cultural or industrial visit, or treat themselves to an entertaining show.

  • Nature and outdoors

    Whether you are hiking or spending the day on the beach, breathe in and appreciate the beauty of nature. Let yourself be tempted.

  • Winter pleasure

    Alma and its islands offer some of the most tempting snowy conditions. To wholly enjoy the pleasures of the cold season, let our staff guide you through the region’s most exciting activities.