À propos Professionnels de l’industrie

Professionals of the tourism industry for Alma Lac-Saint-Jean

We are a dynamic team of five people dedicated to supporting businesses and tourism initiatives all over the territory of Alma and Lac-Saint-Jean-Est. We constantly strive for tourism revenue growth!

• Knowledge of the industry and current trends;
• Skilled staff;
• Versatile and innovative team that is not afraid of change;
• Close to tourism businesses;
• Professionalism and high quality standards applied to all actions.

Simply put, we are a group of professionals passionate for our region and working for the development of the tourism sector of Alma Lac-Saint-Jean. Since we truly love Lac Saint-Jean, our daily actions are motivated by the desire to showcase our stunning landscapes and beautiful lake.

Tourisme Alma Lac-Saint-Jean

Our mission

We are constantly looking to improve the performance of tourism businesses and companies operating on the territory of Alma and the RCM of Lac-Saint-Jean Est. We also want to ensure that the tourism industry of Alma Lac-Saint-Jean is successful and that is in line with international standards.

Our mandate

Our mandate is to ensure the reception and dissemination of tourism information, and the marketing of tourist products and attractions over the territory of Alma and the RCM of Lac-Saint-Jean Est. We manage the organization of the tourism offer, in addition to providing technical assistance to various tourism companies in relation to development and promotion activities. Moreover, we have the mandate of developing tourism and managing the challenges and priorities on the territory of Alma Lac-Saint-Jean-Est.