Miel des Ruisseaux

Come and live experience a fun and instructive informative adventure at the beekeeper economuseum. Specialized in honey and mead production of, Miel des Ruisseaux will take you in show you the exceptional world of bees. The guided tour includes a visit at to the honey house, product tasting and bee watching. Behind a bay window, the whole family will be fascinated by the workers in the bee hive.





The only mead producer in the region, Miel des ruisseaux offers four varieties of mead, including the unique regional blueberry mead in the region. Excellent varieties of honeys , such as liquid and creamed honeys . As you stop by, Discover the secrets of the bees during a visit to the Économusée de l’apiculteur (Beekeeper Ecomuseum of the beekeeper).

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Miel des Ruisseaux
2924, Route du Lac Ouest, Alma, Québec
G8B 5V2

Phone : 418 668-7734

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Miel des Ruisseaux