The Ice Museum

On the pack ice, 22 thematic panels present historical, scientific and cultural aspects related to the ice and life below zero. The museum is located opposite the Auberge des Îles in Saint-Gédéon. Unlike previous editions, the thematic panels are concentrated in front of the Inn.

Safety: The Museum’s ice floor is in an area with limited movement of water, as there is no river nearby. In addition, we make sure that national ice thickness standards are met in order to provide a safe adventure.

Dress well!

The winter climate of Piekouagami may have similarities with polar climates. This is why it is important to dress for the weather. A sunny day at -5 ° C is different than a 30 km / h day at -20 ° C. The climatic component is part of the sensory experience of the Museum.

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The Ice Museum
250 Rang des Îles, Saint-Gédéon, Québec
G0W 2P0

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