Art, culture and local industries

The lake and its treasures!

It is a fact well known that art is fuelled by beauty. Nature around here is abundant and lush, so it goes without saying that the cultural scene is alive and well. From art circuits to the Jardins Scullion and the Camp musical du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean—which gives stunning performances every year—our local artists will amaze you.

Moreover, it is also possible to learn a lot about history and science by visiting the many industries that open their doors to you. Aluminum, quartz crystal, visual arts, and even the Mont-Apica military station will reveal their secrets.

Discover the art and culture of Alma Lac-Saint-Jean!

The well-hidden secrets of a cultural stay in the region

Whether it is the visit of the many economuseums found on the territory or the public art route, the region proposes an inspiring and educational stop at every turn. By exploring our streets, our heritage neighbourhoods, and our many attractions, you will have the unique chance of discovering the history of our ancestors and seeing the region from a new point of view.

Consider stopping at the Odyssée des Bâtisseurs or strolling through the streets of Île Maligne and Riverbend. And if you feel like exploring a bit further, simply follow the heritage circuit of Alma and Hébertville.

Finally, it is also possible to peek behind the scenes of our white gold’s manufacturing industry, aluminum, by taking the free industrial tour offered by Rio Tinto at the Alma plant. The only place in Quebec where you can visit a Rio Tinto plant.

Come see for yourself, the region is full of surprises!

Plan your stay

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The Ice Museum

Discover the formation of the flakes, the glaciology, the melting of the glaciers on the planet, passing by the arts and the merchants of ice.

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Alma’s Comedy Festival

In the heart of downtown Alma, the art of the humorous scene is spreading its wings! Your favorite comedians at their best.

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Camp-de-Touage-les-Îles sector (Pointe-Taillon National Park)

Discover the world of quartz, the secrets of honey making or even a piece of regional history less than 15 km away.

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Escaparium du Lac

Mixing challenge and regional history, the Escaparium du Lac promises you discovery and fun.

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Langage Plus

Langage Plus is a dynamic, contemporary art centre that is open to the world. Since 1979, it has established itself as a venue for creation and dissemination, as well as a meeting point. It distinguishes itself with its activities and services.

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Vergers de Velours

Visit our orchard, taste its mouth-watering grapes, and explore the plantation’s many tree species.

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Jardin Scullion

A renowned artist and landscaper, Brian Scullion fulfilled his childhood dream by creating, on a 40-hectare farm, a true paradise on Earth.

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Cristal du Lac

Unique in Canada, live the experience of a prospector and collect your semi-precious stones yourself.

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Parc de la caverne Trou de la Fée

Over 60 interpretation panels contain a series of learning activities and have been installed throughout the park’s trails.

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L’Odyssée des Bâtisseurs

Also offered by l’Odyssée des Bâtisseurs: city tour bus, discovery and heritage circuit in Alma, and tours of the Rio Tinto Works.

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La Maison du matelot

Arts and culture enthusiasts will be fulfilled with the many shows and arts and culture exhibitions that take place downtown Alma, such as the public art walking circuit.

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Centre de villégiature Dam-en-Terre

For nearly 30 years, the theatre has been showcasing a hilarious comedy every summer. Package available.

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Complexe touristique du Bleuet

Curious about nature? Dive into the heart of the harvest; visit fields and warehouses; all with a little tasting.

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Vignoble Couchepagane

A guided tour throughout the vineyard allows visitors to learn more about the cultivation of grapes in a colder climate and admire the landscape. It is possible to enjoy a happy hour at the vineyard, by reservation, and to take part in the harvest in October.

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Arboretum de la presqu’île Croft

A kettle, a natural land formation of over 18,000 years, can be seen.

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Miel des Ruisseaux

Museum, guided tours, and interactive features pertaining to the world of bees and the work of beekeepers.

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Circuit patrimonial d’Alma

Explore, on a bike or on foot, the Riverbend neighbourhood, downtown Alma, the Isle-Maligne neighbourhood, and La Petite Décharge River/Pointe des Américains trails.

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Circuit patrimonial d’Hébertville

The circuit proposes two heritage routes: The Cradle, comprising 23 stages in the village, and the rural route, also known as the Granary, comprising 12 historical and heritage stages.

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Circuit d’art public d’Alma

In 1965 and 1966, two international sculpture symposiums took place in Alma and attracted various renowned artists, whose artwork is showcased in this circuit.

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Festival Country de Labrecque

Attend music shows, wild rodeos, and gymkhana competitions.

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Camping Plage Blanchet

A quick drive to the Poste de Traite trading post and its exhibitions.

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Parc national de la Pointe-Taillon

At km 6.5, chat with Ms. Hudon to discover the history of the village of Jeanne-d'Arc, formerly located on Pointe Taillon.

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Festival LM Country de Saint-Nazaire

Take part in the many activities at Festival LM Country in Saint-Nazaire. Dance and sing to the beat of country music!