Berry picking

The ultimate pleasure of summer!

A sunny afternoon, a singing cicada at a distance, sweet fruit on hand, no this is not a dream, it is our reality! However, the history of our iconic blueberries has not always been so glorious.

A little history...

In 1870, a great fire burnt approximately 3800 km2 of land in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. In addition to reducing to ashes the belongings of many families in one single day, the fire of 1870 also contributed to clearing hundreds of hectares of forests, leaving behind fields that were ready to be cultivated.

This sad event contributed to the colonization of our lands, attracting many farmers. But the greatest impact of this fire remains without any doubt the arrival of our “blue gold” and emblem: the blueberry.

Therefore, it is because of a raging fire that we can now enjoy the pleasures of cultivating berries in the summer. As if that wasn’t enough to enjoy a beautiful summer day, you can make the most of it and visit farmers’ markets along the road!

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Things to bring
along for a berry picking adventure

Bug repellant


Long pants

for the same reason as the bug repellant, and also to avoid scratches from bushes

Crop calendar

not to come back empty-handed


to soothe insect bites

Plan your stay

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Gîte le Petit Hôtel

Blueberry picking nearby.

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Appartements du Vieil Édifice

Less than 4 km away, discover Délices du Lac Saint-Jean where visitors can now pick wild blueberries themselves.

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Complexe touristique du Bleuet

Pick-your-own blueberries, shuttle service and welcome pavilion.

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Camping Pointe Taillon

To berry pick or to admire the biodiversity of Lac St-Jean forests, our trails are accessible to all.